Scope of Services

Sutera Utama Sdn. Bhd. offers business services and solutions in the field of telecommunications technology to companies throughout Malaysia.

Our telecommunication services are relevant for institutions in the private and government sectors.

The detailed services are as follows :

  1. Outside Plant

    • Trenching work services
    • Fiber Cable Network Services
    • Copper Cable Network Services
    • Outside Plant Materials
  2. Inside Plant

    • Access Network Equipment Install & Maintenance Services
    • Transmission Equipment Install & Maintenance Services
    • Switching Equipment Install & Maintenance Services
  3. Microwave Network

    • Microwave Equipment Install & Commission Services
    • Microwave Trans Equipment Install & Commission Services
    • Satellite Trans Equipment Install, Commission & Decommission Services
  4. Mobile Access Network Services

    • Mobile Access Equipment Install & Commission Services
    • Mobile Access Infrastructure & Cabling
    • Telecommunication Equipment Part Repair